Returns which are beyond your control because they are unverifiable is so yesterday. With our additional product, “back”, which can be combined with any type of main service, you know what, when, where and in what time frame your customer returned the order to you.

Delivered the wrong consignment? An order must be returned under warranty? Goods need to be checked for repairs? Ordered too much and want to return the goods? Goods were delivered to be examined or sampled and now you want to return them?

We, of course, offer you a complete returns service which includes a standard on-line order module free of charge. With that said, this does not include past returns which cannot be traced or verified. Your customer makes a return delivery and prints off a delivery note with a barcode; in the same breath, we shall send you the information via E-mail, fax, data file etc and scan the consignment as “on the way home” to interfaces of your choice. You know what was sent when, you know on what day you will receive it and you can keep it stocked so that it is readily available for the next delivery.