Pick up Service (Abholservice)

Do you have to have a pick-up made somewhere in Switzerland because you urgently need the goods the next day? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We operate the only nationwide pick-up system in Switzerland whereby you place an order today and tomorrow it is delivered.

With many conventional transportation services, you order a pick-up today, which is then carried out the following day, transshipped the day after and only reaches you the day after that. So, as you can see, from placing the order through to delivery, you have waited 4 whole days. With capital-intensive and urgently required products, this is not only advantageous from a financial point of view but a question of service quality and customer requirements.

If you place an order for a pick-up with us today, we usually also pick up the required goods the very same day and deliver them to you or a third party the next day – all over Switzerland. Exactly, you’ve done the maths – not even one whole day from placing the order through to delivery. That is quality service with a time limit. And when we tell you that we could even speed this up and the goods would already be available early in the morning – would you believe us? Depending on customers’ needs, it is even possible for the goods to be delivered to you by 7.00, 13.30, 15.30 or 18.00.