GO! Sameday-Kurier-System

Delivering 3 times a day throughout the whole of Switzerland – nationwide

Over 120 delivery rounds and over 70 inter-hub services daily ensure that our customers’ consignments may be delivered to their receivers up to three times per day throughout Switzerland. Why book a courier, when a consignment can be delivered on the same day at a fixed time using a safe system and with a cost saving of up to 80%? Go! has established a unique same day courier system that is primarily used in the automotive industry, for construction, municipal and agricultural machinery industires as well as in the motorcycle industry. However, today, service providers, such as banks and insurance companies, also have confidence in our courier transportation system.

What is actually meant then by a same day courier system? It simply means that we can deliver customers’ consignments to our bases in Switzerland or we can pick up your packages from the sender and take them to our main and satellite depots at fixed departure times; all this on the same day.

Consignments shall be shipped to the aforementioned bases via inter-hub services brought to one of GO!’s network of 12 dispatching and delivery points in Switzerland. A fleet of over 100 vehicles arrive at these cross-docking platforms, ensuring that your consignments reach every Swiss receiver the very same day in accordance with our dispatching guidelines. Depending on the dispatching location, you can choose whether your deliveries shall be received by the end receiver by 13.00, 15.30, 18.00 or during the night up until 7.00 in the morning. And because the system functions in the same way as the Swiss Federal Railways’ timetable, it can be planned and it is standardised as well as being on time. The same day courier system is best suited to those customers who require centrally controlled and optimised warehousing processes and thus depend on a regular supply to your customers. What these customers benefit most from is that they can keep their storage costs down to a minimum through centralisation. Another reason is so that customers may save on the costs of courier services. We of course offer an unrivalled solution to this. Who wants to pay for a courier service charge of several hundred francs for a package or document when the same service can also be carried out for a double-figure fee? Or in other words: Why should a courier service be booked, if you place your consignment this morning at 9.00 in Winterthur and the very same afternoon, it is delivered to Geneva at 15.30?

And we also of course deal with the service provider sector e.g. the banking sector, insurance companies and lawyers who, in addition to a standard service with the highest quality requirements, can also cut costs.