The movement certificate serves as proof of preferential origin for goods produced in the European Union or EFTA.

Switzerland has concluded free trade agreements with various countries. These agreements confer preferential treatment (tariff reductions or exemptions) on certain goods, on condition that they meet the agreed origination conditions and the documentary proof of origin can be presented.

The documentary proof of origin is liable to no particular form requirements, i.e. there is no obligation for the usage of form (however, it is permissible). It can be stated on the invoice, on an invoice belonged delivery note or on an other trade document (Art. 3 VO (EG) No. 1207/2001). It should be noted, however, that the wording is prescribed mandatory. That means, that it may be denied even at the smallest variations of linguistic recognition. The declaration of origin must therefore include the following wording:

Der Ausführer der Waren, auf die sich dieses Handelspapier bezieht, erklärt, dass diese Waren soweit nicht anders angegeben, präferenzbegünstigte … 1a) Ursprungswaren sind.

………..(Place and Date)


(Signature of the exporter and the name of signatory in block letters).

The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of … 1b) preferential origin.

L’exportateur des produits couverts par le present document declare que, sauf indication Claire du contraire, ces produits on l’origine préférentielle … 1c).

L’esportatore delle merci contemplate nel presente documento dichiara che, salvo indicazione contraria, le merci sono di origine preferenziale … 1d).

1a) CE, isländische, norwegische, schweizerische, mexikanische, usw.
1b) EC, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swiss, Mexican, etc.
1c) CE, islandaise, norvégienne, Suisse, mexicaine, etc.
1d) CE, islandese, norvegese, svizzera, messicana, ecc.

The origin of the individual goods must be emerged on the invoice if it includes goods of different origins. Includes the invoice goods of different origins, the origin of the individual goods must be emerged on the invoice.

The declaration of origin has to be completed in English on the invoice within the framework of free trade agreements EFTA-Singapore.

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Binding information about origination rules is available from the District Customs Directorates in Basel, Schaffhausen, Geneva and Lugano, the Customs Inspectorates in Zurich and Kreuzlingen and the service unit in St. Gallen, as well as from the Origination and Textiles Department of the Directorate General of Customs.