EORI numbers for imports to Germany and EU customs clearance

The customs clearance registration obligation for commercial operators came into force in November 2009. Companies with original German customs number received a written request to apply for an EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification System) identification number.

This means that, since 01.01.2010, all commercial operators engaging in activities covered by customs law have had to have an EORI number:

• declarants
• representatives of declarants
• receivers of imports
• deliverers/exporters when delivering/exporting
• subcontractors as understood in Art. 789 ZK-DVO (Customs Code Executive Order)
• principals

This regulation also applies to Swiss operators with customs obligations, but only if they are active as declarants. This does not apply to Swiss deliverers who are not engage in any other activities covered by customs law.
Customs application without the necessary EORI number will not be processed. The declarant (or relevant commercial operator) must submit a copy of the application to the customs office; and when it has received the EORI number, the declarant must also submit the latter without any further request from the customs office. The goods cannot be discharged by customs until then! You can use the following link to read the details and to request an EORI number application electronically (Form 0870):