GO! Express and Logistics (Switzerland) AG

GO! Express and Logistics (Switzerland) AG was founded in 2006 by the previous owners of NES AG, Marcel Tüscher and Giovanni Iorio-Esposito. Initially only working in the field of import and export, the plan was always to pursue the strategy of creating the first same day delivery network throughout Switzerland.

Today, the company has the first standardised transport network which allows the whole of Switzerland to be served several times a day. All HUBs and satellite depots are, similar to the railway model, equipped with the line system’s fixed arrival and departure times. Thus, partners’ or customers’ consignments, whether to be delivered within Switzerland or abroad, can be entered into GO!’s system at the designated places at firmly established times. Overseas customers and those living near to the border can also benefit from being able to directly enter into the Gateway Satellite system and take responsibility for their picked-up consignments. Go! is the only company in Switzerland which can make pick-ups and deliver them throughout Switzerland on the very same day the order was placed.

GO! Switzerland is conscious of its role as a transportation service provider and therefore supports the reforestation and replanting of tree stocks in Switzerland and Germany. GO! has also set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral within the next 10 years.

GO! Switzerland wants to expand its national transportation system over the next few years and standardise cost-intensive courier services in Switzerland as well as creating and offering highly competitive pricing. Internationally, we want to expand our network and alternatively offer country and project-specific solutions to our customers.

General information about the GO! Express and Logistics network.

GO! Express & Logistics is a combination of a medium-sized courier and express service provider. GO! stands for the safe transportation of time-sensitive consignments locally, nationally and internationally.

The GO! network employs more than 4,500 people in total and over 3,000 couriers in over 100 GO! stations in Europe; GO! also looks after ca. 77,000 customers and over 3.8 million consignments. Go! works together globally with an international network of partners.

Since the very beginning, GO! has been developing into a medium-sized quality leader.

The course has been set for the future: We are pushing ahead with strengthening our international focus by building new stations abroad and expanding our international cooperation network. GO! is secured of a place for the future in the top ranks of the express market since it constantly pursues high standards of quality, a sustainable and environmentally-friendly economy and strategic cooperations.