Reliability, punctuality, and safety for everything that is in a hurry for you!

You do not like to give your goods into foreign hands? A promise from the start: You will make good experiences with us! We work 24/7, 365 days a year and therefore also at the weekends or holidays!

You want your national and international courier and express consignments to be delivered fast, reliable and with the greatest care? Are you looking for a flexible courier provider where ANYTHING GOES?

Your express dispatch of documents, packages and freight is with GO! EXPRESS & LOGISTICS in the best courier hands. Do you require the delivery of your consignments already early in the morning or to a certain time? Do you even have a pickup and it is already 7 p.m.? Do you have to collect a consignment at your supplier and it has to be delivered today? With GO! not a problem.
The expansion of our company is continuously pushed and so we will not only develop new products in the future for you, but also push along constantly with the service.

We will give you advice and support when it comes to coordinate your dispatch, courier trips or express transports. Our employees are professionals and always there for you.

You will reach your personal GO! employee at the free service number 0800/85 99 99 or click here for GO! Order Online. We collect your consignments and take care of everything else. Because we know how valuable time is.